How to use the Prague Card

The Prague Card is valid per calendar days and not for 24-hour periods.

The PRAGUE CARD is only valid when there is the HOLDER'S NAME and the STARTING DATE of its use. You will get a DATE STICKER with the card. The staff in infocentre will perforate the starting day according to your wish and stick it on the back side of the card. Without the starting day marked on the card, the card is not valid and you cannot use it. In such a case you risk penalty by transport control and you cannot enter free the attractions. Please, make sure your card is marked correctly, as overwritten, corrected or illegible cards may not be used. Don’t forget to sign your card before starting to use it. The Prague Card is your personal card and cannot be transferred to anyone else. Prague Card will be valid from the date specified and during the following consecutive days, in accordance with the period specified on the card (2, 3, 4 days).

The Prague Card gives you FREE ADMISSION TO OVER 50 ATTRACTIONS listed in the Prague Card Guide with indication FREE. To benefit from the free entries, just show your Prague Card – duly validated with the start date. You are entitled to make only one free entry to each attraction. The temporary exhibitions are not always included in the card. The Prague Card offers also discounts of up to 50% for entries to another attractions, visits and tours, entertainment, leisure attractions, shops, restaurants and other services. The level of discount is indicated in the Prague Card Guide with each attraction.

During the validity period of the Prague Card you can travel without restrictions on public transport lines in Prague including trams, buses, metro, Airport Express bus, Petřín Hill funicular and ferries. When travelling on these lines, the Prague Card functions as your valid ticket, so please at request present it to the transport inspection who is also authorized to validate the signature on the Card by checking your personal identification documents. The passengers without a ticket or with unvalid Prague Card will be fined.

To help you benefit from using the Prague Card and plan your sightseeing, each card comes with a Guidebook in 7 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech). This guide is packed full of information about all of our participating attractions. Every attraction on the card is described on its own page. There are also detailed maps for all main Prague districts and map of Prague Transport system. Please, note that editorial work on the Prague Card Guide booklet is made once a year with maximum care to give you correct information. However, within a year, it happens that some of the attractions could be closed unexpectadly for technical, state or other reasons or they change their opening hours and prices. In this sense, Prague Card does not take responsibility for any  of such changes in prices, opening hours, closures of attractions etc. Please always obtain up-to-date information on the spot or online. You can study Prague Card Guide even before you get the card. Just open its online e-book version or download from the Prague Card webpage.


Always have your Prague Card available! It is your transport ticket!
The Prague Card is only valid when the starting date is marked.
No reimbursement if attractions are temporarily closed.
The attractions reserve the right to change their prices and hours without notice.
The card is non-refundable. No replacements or refunds for lost or stolen cards.
No refunds can be provided if the facilities are not used during the Prague Card period of validity.